About us

Sadia Christina is the product of a friendship that leads to so many great conversations that we felt we had to share! We’re into a bunch of stuff that when put together in one place, make up what we think is a pretty well rounded site for lifestyle - beauty, fashion, food, family…with our own little twist & style threaded throughout.

In sharing our thoughts, obsessions, recipes, and favourite trends with one another, it got us to thinking that perhaps we should share these personal conversations online as a means to connect with other women. We thought it was cool that although our personal lives are structured differently, we really are on the same page on so much in life. Our different daily experiences give us different perspectives and insight to offer each other, which we think is so cool.

When Amber leaves the office each day, she’s heading home to a husband and their two boys (ages 3 & 5). Between work, kindergarten, swimming, skating, meals, bootcamps and so on, she’s constantly working to strike that balance between work, family and self. You mamas out there know this game! 

Chrissy's upbringing on a farm nurtured her love of being out doors, working with her hands and cooking. She is a radio show host and shares her life with her boyfriend of 10+ years. Chrissy dislikes carnival rides but loves water slides. The people pleaser in her becomes excited anytime she can pass along a nugget of knowledge to help someone out.

We produce original content, with the help of some of our very good friends, to inspire your life. This is a place where we will share our personal experiences in hopes that you find it useful and enlightening. Thanks for spending time with us!



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