Wake, Read, Repeat.

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It’s become a tradition.

Every family has certain values and habits they want to instill in their children. When ours were born, my husband and I agreed deeply on one in particular – that we were going to develop readers. Kids who loved and appreciated the written word. Kids who came to see reading books as an essential part of their day, a habit equally as important as brushing their teeth.

In fact, both our boys had extensive libraries already built for them before they were even born! We feel strongly that reading is a key foundation to their development and knowledge.

So every week without fail, we take a trip to either the bookstore or library and have them choose a new read. It really is a ton of fun and we’ve discovered some incredible books along the way.

I’m really excited to share some of those gems with you here on our blog. Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle or just have a little one in your life that you adore, I hope that you discover something cool here to enjoy.

Today I share with you a find that my boys just love. It’s the Nutshell Library, which contains 4 mini versions of great books by Maurice Sendak, well-known for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

This little library contains Alligators All Around, Chicken Soup with Rice, One Was Johnny, and Pierre. It’s a fantastic mix of poetry, stories and even some alphabet learning for your littlest ones. Huge bonus, the size makes it so easy to throw into your purse or diaper bag, you’ll always have a sweet distraction on hand should you need it!

“There's so much more to a book than just the reading.”  Maurice Sendak




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