Fall's IT Sweater Is Sentimental

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

This wet, almost-snow-but-not-really, weather has me snuggling up to long sleeves. Even though one of fall’s IT sweaters, the Grandpa Sweater, has been around a few seasons sometimes it’s difficult to find the right one. Maybe looking closer to home pays off.  My grandpa sweater is one I’ve been holding onto for decades.  Off and on over the years I’ve been wearing grandpa sweaters - I’ve been wearing my actual grandpa’s sweater. It just happens to be in style. Again.

The sweater Amber is wearing belongs to my 97-year-old Gigi. It’s a sweater he wore on the field, in an open air tractor (one without a roof) in the 50’s and 60’s.  This is what he wore everyday overtop of his button up shirt and his work pants covering up against the bugs or cold while working in the bush or field.  I don’t recall how I even first came into contact with the sweater but I remember being 18 years old, loving the colour & pattern and the idea that this sweater had a story.

I actually hold on to a lot of clothing, and not just the stuff we all hold on to that no longer fits.  I have long sleeve shirts guys have lent me while at a really great bush party, a cardigan my Baba wore in her final years, a long sleeve undershirt my dad wore every day while milking cows, a Weezer hoodie I stole from my boyfriend before we began dating and of course my Gigi’s sweater. Amber and I had a convo about this a while back and she confessed to doing the same with sentimental pieces belonging to her family.

The next time you’re over at the Grandparents or your parents' place, ask to go through their closets. There just may be a story you’ve never heard and a really cool vintage piece to add to your own closet.


Amber Saleem