The Coolest Gift Wrap Is Local

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

The joy in the wrapping of presents is something that Chrissy and I agree on. It’s just a ton of fun to buy, plan and decorate a box that contains something you’ve chosen for that special person.

We both swooned when we saw this wrapping paper; it’s just so cool. It’s clean and modern, a piece of art, really. The paper features hand illustrations of famous Winnipeg landmarks and is thick, luxurious and would suit any occasion. One person I gave a gift to in this wrap, actually saved it and framed a piece.

So, if you are looking for something local and neat to wrap your holiday gifts with, we recommend you check out the Winnipeg wrap by 26 Projects.

Support local and buy it online here:

And while we are talking about the good people at 26 Projects, we want to answer one question that we get all the time:

 “I love the Sadia Christina logo! Who did it?”

Well that too was done by our friends at 26 Projects, specifically the uber-talented Julie Doan who is a part of their team. Julie is a gifted letterer and calligrapher and working with her and Pauline Boldt on this project was an absolute joy. You can learn more about what they do at


Amber Saleem