It’s time you wore Glitter

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Another big reason why I love this season so much… is for the glitter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked glitter into conversations with Amber when discussing what we would post for December on the site.  If you’re apprehensive about it, know that glitter makeup looks good at any age as long as it’s done in moderation.  It’s the who’s who of makeup this season. 

 There’s so much glitter makeup out right now, there’s no need to use craft glitter (the stuff you buy for art projects).  Here’s the main difference: craft glitter is cut in square or diamond shapes so should it come in close contact with your eye, it could cause major damage to your cornea.  Craft glitter is polyethylene coated which can leach out when it comes in contact with moisture from your eye and some craft glitter is made from actual metal. The plant that it’s made in might not be super sanitary and rust might fall into the mix. Cosmetic glitter is more finely milled and usually cut into circular shapes, helping reduce the risk of scratching.   

It doesn’t matter if you’re pale or have a deep, dark complexion - gold suits all skin tones. If glitter sounds a bit much for your first time out, try a metallic sheen instead. Now go out there and get your sparkle on!


Shown here, Chrissy is wearing Eye Kandy Glitter in #24 Gingersnap

Amber is wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette By Mario, in Muse

Makeup and hair lovingly done by Grace Hill Salon

Amber Saleem