This Is The Prettiest Lip Kit In The World

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

As I’ve mentioned before I, #1 love lipstick and #2 love glitter. If you’re unfamiliar with the most influential makeup artist in the world, let me introduce you to Pat McGrath who has brought together glitter and lips!  The rest of the world is just trying to catch up.

Anytime you’ve seen a breath taking, jaw dropping makeup either during fashion week or on a magazine cover, know that you’re most likely looking at Pat McGrath’s work.  She works 80 fashion shows a year, creates makeup lines for Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, CoverGirl, and Max Factor.  She works fashion shows with 75 assistants and 85 trunks full of inspiration including rubber, vinyl, and feathers.  Pat McGrath dictates trends around the world.

She also has her own makeup line which includes Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 Lipstick kit in Bloodwine, Flesh, or Vermillion Venom.  The $72 Lust 004 kit (available online at Sephora) includes two matte lipsticks, a vinyl gloss (made in Canada, yay!) metallic gold pigment, and micro fine glitter. You can wear the lipsticks alone, which I’ve done – they’re a beautiful matte that’s long wearing, or you can mix them. OR you can mix the vinyl gloss and gold glitter together and simply die! That dripping gold lip image you see everywhere is Pat McGrath’s gold lip in the Bloodwine kit.  You can actually do that to your own lips, in your home, and you should! All you need is a lip brush, the vinyl gloss, and glitter. Mix to a consistency that works for you, apply and immediately be seen wearing it!

I haven’t even gotten to the best part, the packaging! It’s so beautiful I refused to open my kit and didn’t for a full week after receiving it! Clear compacts full of product are slipped into a clear pouch with a label pressed on the back and stuffed into a bag of shiny, beautiful sequins that also function as bubble wrap! Some have never opened the bag of sequins and instead keep it as a collector’s item. It’ll be difficult to rip open that glittery pouch, but do it – it’s a luxury that should be enjoyed!


Shown here; makeup by Grace Hill Salon.  Amber and I are both wearing Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 Lipstick kit in Bloodwine



Amber Saleem