Glitter Freckles

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Just to catch you up, rainbow freckles became a thing early last year. The idea was showcasing multicoloured freckles, mostly by using liquid lipstick.  Rainbow freckles now move aside to make way for glitter freckles.

I know, it’s a lot to wrap your head around.  I mean, no one needs fake freckles but they’re fun! Will glitter freckles make it through 2017, who knows, but people everywhere are into fake freckles and because metallics are so huge, it only makes sense that glitter freckles would be the next progression.  Instead of using a liquid lip liner, I used Mr. Kate’s Beautymarks freckles ($14). The package contains gold and silver hand drawn freckles in different shapes and sizes.  

They’re easy to apply, they work just like a temporary tattoo where you wet the back of the paper to apply to your skin and they last for as much as 4 days.  Removing them proved to be more difficult than I imagined. It wasn’t until I used coconut oil that freckles began to disappear.  

They’re definitely not a day time look, but we are about to ring in the New Year.  This would be a perfect time to test them out.


Shown here Mr. Kate Beautymarks freckles
Makeup and hair by Grace Hill Salon


Amber Saleem