Check Out This Challenge!

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

We still remember the day we met Alex and JT. We were a couple of friends walking into the gym for our first ever bootcamp. We had read about them but here we were. Kind of nervous, but in it together and excited about getting back into a routine.

Fast forward to today, and we both agree that this style of workout is the best for both of us. It’s something we can do together, which keeps us accountable to each other. It’s also a super great workout, including cardio/interval/weight training. We work hard for the hour we spend with Alex several times a week.

We are getting stronger by the day and we learn so much from Alex and JT. They are kind, knowledgeable and supportive of our goals. We are stronger and faster than we used to be. We believe in them and this is why we wanted to share with you information on an upcoming challenge they are doing.

Choose to work out with Alex and likeminded women or sign up for the online challenge

The 12 week challenge begins January 14th. Deadline to register is January 10th.

Amber Saleem