Mix Up Your Liner Look!

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

One of my earliest make up memories is of my grandmother. I remember her leaned over her dresser, inching as close as she could to the mirror. 

She had a silver hand carved 'vial' in one hand. It looked old, and it was beautiful. I sat on the bed behind her and stared intently at her reflection in the mirror. I knew if I'd blink, I'd miss it. 

I'd miss seeing her pull the sharp pointed tip coated in kohl out of that vial, place the tool on her lower lid, close her eye and swipe. Voila - her inner rims, both top and bottom were coated in a think black liner in a split second. It changed her face immediately and the application was perfect. She was stunning without makeup but when she applied the surma (what it's called in Pakistan) she looked like a movie star.

Women wearing kohl eyeliner goes back to ancient times. Though the way it's used has evolved (kohl no more in most cases), it's still a staple in most women's make up bags around the world and that's with good reason. It's fun, it's glamorous and now there are so many ways to wear it. Think about the celebs we associate liner with - Adele, Amy Winehouse and Sophia Loren - they OWN their liner looks.

I was super excited to work with Grace Hill Salon on this look. It's called graphic eyeliner, and simply, it's a term used to describe the application of liner beyond the straight line or the classic cat eye. You're allowed to play with the lines, where they are, how many there are and how they're shaped.

Hit google to find some inspo and have some fun with your look on your next night out.


 Hair and Makeup: Grace Hill Salon

Amber Saleem