Coloured Mascara Is Back And It'll Look Great On You

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Coloured mascara from the 80’s and 90’s is back, and that’s a good thing. It won’t look tacky or dated as long as you keep it simple.  You’ll even find that once you begin wearing coloured mascara (or wearing it again) it makes your eye colour pop, opens up your eye area and is a simple way to play with colour for the summer.

The easiest and least intimidating way to wear coloured mascara is to keep it simple. For example, green mascara for green eyes.  I’m wearing MAC’s Green is Green Zoom Lash.  I like that it’s a coloured mascara but it’s not too bold but still intensifies my natural colour.  Turquoise colour for blue eyes makes whites in the eye appear really white and also works nicely on grey eyes while a rich plum highlights a brown or hazel eye. 

The key to differentiating between the summer concert coloured mascara look, and the everyday coloured mascara look, is keeping the mascara colour close to your own eye colour while keeping the rest of your makeup really clean with a light, natural lip. At first I was concerned I was a little old for the trend, but worn simply, it’s very complimentary.

I like the idea of coloured mascara as a way to switch up the regular black I usually wear and the fact that it’s spring makes wearing colour a welcome change.


Makeup and hair by Grace Hill Salon

Wearing Mac Green is Green Zoom Lash


Amber Saleem