Picnic Now? You Bet.

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

I purposely decided to write this after the September long weekend, because so many feel the carefree days of summer are done. If this weather has shown us anything, it's that there are a lot of days left to be enjoyed outside. Why not a picnic on a weekend in September?  I get that hockey, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and dance all begin RIGHT NOW, but if you can break away for an hour on a sunny Sunday, it's worth it.

 This summer, I decided that rather than going to a store looking for a picnic blanket, I would head to a fabric store, pick out material and have the one I wanted, made. 

Picnic Blanket #4.jpg

It's been years since I've wandered a fabric store. As a child,  my mother would pick out patterns of bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for my sister and I. To walk through a fabric store and run your hands across the different textures of materials and realize the possibilities is pure joy! I choose a classic gingham print in sunny yellow, took it down the street to an elderly man who works out of his garage tailoring mostly dresses for women in the neighbourhood, and had him hem the edges.

Picnic Blanket #5.jpg

Since making my picnic blanket, I've used it five times this summer which is five times more picnics than the summer before.  I'm always asked where I purchased my blanket so I'm quick to speak of the magic that is the fabric store.  

Most days the blanket sits in the trunk of my car making it easy to set up under a tree in the park for an hour of people watching and enjoying the weather. 

If you think a picnic involves a lot of planning in terms of food.  It can, but you can also make it easy on yourself and order take-out. Indulge, treat yourself.

Autumn is usually reserved for family pictures. Think of how beautiful a custom fall picnic blanket in the colours of your choice would be in this year's photograph. 


Camryn Elizabeth Photo

Camryn Elizabeth Photo

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