Obsessed with my new kicks!

Mike Peters Photo

I had been COVETING, I mean COVETING a pair of these kicks the moment I saw them. It was early 2017 and I saw these sneakers that I just needed. Can’t even recall how I first stumbled on them, I think it was a celeb Insta story.

They were APL (Athletic Propulsion Lab) runners and they looked sleek, feminine and had pretty colours! APL is a brand started in California and pride themselves on embodying function and fashion.

Well the hunt started and it would have been easy for me to order online. I kinda held back. The dollar was not the best and I thought a few hundred on a pair of runners that I couldn’t even try on might not be the best idea. What if I didn’t love them?

I was in Seattle earlier this year and walked by a Lululemon store. They had a freaking shelf FULL of APL’s! I stormed in there, I already knew the style and colour I wanted. I sent the staffer in the back for my size. They were sold out. I think she saw the sadness in my face and asked if she could order them in for me. I explained I lived in Canada.

“Oh no problem then,” she said. “Just go to your Lulu store and then can order them in for you, now you know how sizing works for you so it’s easy.”

Once home I happily rushed to the Lulu store at Polo Park and talked to my friend Sheila, assistant store manager. And then we did it! She walked me through ordering  the shoes, in my size and they came right to my house and I love them so much.

They are a great workout shoe and look amazing. I get compliments literally every time I wear them.

Now you know!


Amber Saleem