Mama Approved Skin Care

Mike Peters Photography

Mike Peters Photography

Far before I had my little ones, I was already years deep into using Kiehl's mom and baby products. I was introduced to them shortly after I turned to Kiehl's for my personal skin care items like face wash and moisturizer. 

I am a huge fan of using oil as a moisturizer, particularly during our harsh Winnipeg winters. After trying numerous brands, I was super excited to discover Kiehl’s Mom and Baby Nurturing Oil for the body. It’s SUPER moisturizing, fast absorbing and is very gentle. My home is never without a bottle or two lying around for easy access!

After I️ had my first baby, I️ was concerned about using products that were paraben/silicone/fragrance free and began to research options. I️ knew I️ loved the Kiehl’s Nurturing Body Oil from their Mom and Baby line and decided to stock up on the Mom and Baby Moisturizing Cream and Gentle Hair and Body Wash. They met all my skin safe criteria. 

Their mild formulations worked really well on Isaac and Aidyn’s newborn skin. The hair and body wash is tear free and was incredibly gentle. The moisturizer is rich without being greasy which I️ love about it. Truth be told, I have also dabbled with other brands when it comes to the kids; there is so much on the market now. I'll tell you that I think Honest puts out nice, gentle body wash and moisturizing formulations as well, but I find myself always coming back to Kiehl's. I feel

I would call this baby line of products a staple in my household - my husband is actually a huge fan of the oil and moisturizer too.  It is our “family brand” for bath and body care and I️ encourage anyone with littles (and without!) to give it a try. 

Another perk to Kiehl’s products is their recycling program. Recycle your full sized product bottles and you’ll be rewarded after 10 with a travel sized product which I️ love for exactly that: travel, but also to keep in my gym bag!


Amber Saleem