Some Skin Salvation In The Middle Of This Winnipeg Winter

Photo: Mike Peters

Photo: Mike Peters

As I continue to inch closer to 40, I am definitely focussed on skin care and finding the best routine for me. We are all different, we have different skin types and tones and no one product is for absolutely everybody. I know just as well as you do that it can be frustrating, costly and confusing to figure out what to use and also, what’s actually working?!

If you follow the blog, then you know that we are fans of Kiehl’s products. Through trial and error, I have figured out which of their products work best for my skin and am pleased with the results.

I want to share with you today, a service they offer that you might not know about. It is their apothecary preparations personalized skincare treatment.

It is a custom blended skincare treatment that is formulated especially for you with the help of one of their skin care experts. At their Polo Park location, you will sit down with one of their team members who will work with you to identify potential areas that you would like to see improvement or prevention. 

We did a skin analysis - which measures your skin hydration levels and also identifies your skin type. I ended up with the wrinkle reducing complex and a texture refining complex - this, after discussing my personal areas of need and concern.

Those complexes were then mixed with Kiehl’s skin strengthening concentrate. You end up with a generous sized amber coloured bottle of your own personalized skin care oil treatment to take home and use daily. 

I’ve been using mine twice a day for about three months now and am pleased with the results. It’s spreads easily and absorbs well, it’s been especially welcomed by my skin during these harsh winter months.

I recommend popping into the store to learn more, if this blog has piqued your curiosity. The treatment comes at a higher price point than most of their items, but I feel the value is there as it is a multifaceted treatment. They say the shelf life is six months, your bottle will certainly last that long, it is very generous in size.


Amber Saleem