I Tried Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Jeans And The Hype Is Legit

Photo  Mike Peters  Hair  Somboun June, Grace Hill Salon

Photo Mike Peters Hair Somboun June, Grace Hill Salon

Two years ago, Khloe Kardashian launched her denim company Good American with co-founder Emma Grede, a British businesswoman.   They vowed their jeans would fit every body, sizes 00 to 24. A call was put out to women of all sizes, they were being recruited to model the denim. For the first time a truly inclusive marketing campaign in fashion was launched. Good American broke a record making 1 million dollars on their very first day – the biggest denim launch in fashion history.  Of course, both Amber and I followed the news. We spoke about how we wished there was a way we could get our hands on a pair of Good American jeans. We wondered out loud when next we would be in the U.S. at a Nordstrom to try on a pair. Would they fit us the way they fit the thousands of women reviewing them? 

This past October Amber and I found ourselves in L.A at The Grove. She reminded me of our dream, and we headed to the second floor of Nordstrom.

Because of past experience, I was expecting to separate from her immediately looking for my size in a plus section, comprised of two racks, most likely in a dark, dirty corner. We didn’t separate because the full line of Good American was on display, well lit, just off the aisle. When I couldn’t find my size, I humoured the sales associate when she asked if she could help me find what I was looking for, and I was in complete and utter shock when she told me she indeed did have my size in an order that had arrived that day in the back! Often, I’ve found that if a store does carry sizes larger than 14, they’re only available online, you know… for my convenience. Eye roll.

Okay, so the jeans – they fit true to form.  They were so comfortable, like leggings comfortable.  I actually remember doing a high kick in the fitting room because of happiness, and to test the limits of their durability.  They felt so good on. By far, the most comfortable jean I’ve ever worn. Because they were stretchy, I found I could go down an additional size! When in life does that ever happen?! They also had reinforced belt loops! I used to feel like a monster thinking I was the only person in the world who ripped out my belt loops when trying to get into my jeans. I found they didn’t sag in the knee just because they fit my waist, which has been a problem for me in the past.

They’re pricey.  I paid $135 U.S. dollars for them.  Since then, Good American ships to Canada! Their prices are in Canadian dollars and they have a sale page so you can find more moderately priced options. They come in three styles. Good Legs (skinny), Good Cuts (straight leg), and Good Waist (high waist), and if you’re a cutie with a bootie, you may be used to finding a jean that fits your thighs, but leaves a gap in your waistband. That seems to be a problem Good American has fixed, in part to using stretchy denim. I was shocked when I looked up sizing on their web page at Good American. They have various sized models wearing the same jean, and they give you the option to switch the size of the model to better see what the fit would look like in a size you wear! I’ve never seen that before!

Since launching, Good American has expanded to active wear, (because Khloe) sweat pants, body suits, and more.



Details are everything  Photo  Mike Peters

Details are everything Photo Mike Peters


Photo  Mike Peters  Hair  Somboun June, Grace Hill Salon

Photo Mike Peters Hair Somboun June, Grace Hill Salon

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