The Best Moisturizing Shave Cream For Under $5

Mike Peters Photography

Mike Peters Photography

I’m not a huge fan of shaving my legs.  It’s always an ordeal and I always seem to have something better to do with the time it takes to shave them.  My main complaint would be having the shaving gel/foam slide off my leg while water pours over my head onto the extended leg. It happens every time, and it’s just easier to drag a razor over a wet leg without gel every couple of weeks, and deal with the alligator skin after I hop out of the shower and moisturize (also not my favourite thing). Am I the only one who finds a rust ring in the tub from a can of shave gel sitting in the same spot after a few weeks?

Last October while grocery shopping, I stopped to look at the products offered for women’s shaving and came across EOS. EOS, the spherical lip balm now carries shave cream.  If this isn’t news to you, forgive me but it’s big in my world. The cream is an actual cream, not a gel, not a foam, which means it adheres to my skin like a moisturizer and doesn’t slip off my skin when my leg is at an angle in the shower.  It only takes a very thin layer of the product to cover an entire area and the cream leaves my legs super hydrated after I’m finished shaving. Because it’s a cream, EOS claims you can shave wet or dry!

The container is a plastic pump, which I much prefer to an aerosol can and no matter how long it sits in the shower, there’s no rust ring! The shave cream is vegan and it comes in a pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bliss, or lavender jasmine scent. 

FYI, EOS has also come out with a skincare line including a lip scrub, lip mask, purifying clay mask and glistening lotion which I have yet to try but am intrigued by.  If it’s anything like their lip balm and shave cream, I’m in.

I buy my EOS shave cream at London Drugs


Amber Saleem