Cannabis Oil for the face? Yup, we tried it!


For the last two months, we’ve been using Kiehl’s new Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Herbal Concentrate. It’s a lightweight oil which contains two main ingredients – green oregano oil, which helps reduce redness to the skin and the occurrence of blemishes, and cannabis and sativa seed oil which has anti inflammatory benefits to calm and re balance the skin.  

 You may be wondering exactly how many face oils you need in your medicine cabinet and we would agree with you but we have very different skin and both found benefit to the Kiehl’s new oil. 


My combination skin suffers from dryness in my T-zone along with redness in my cheeks. I find I’m red most days, and in most instances, so when Karen from Kiehl’s Polo Park, and Amber both suggested I try the oil, I was surprised to find my skin to not only drink it up, but also become calm and visibly glow-y. The product comes with a dropper which controls the amount of product you dispense. I apply the oil to a freshly washed face, before moisturizer and my skin drinks it up. After using the Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil for only a week, I found my skin more hydrated. 


I have super sensitive skin which seems to worsen each year but also have dryness to deal with. I am also becoming focused on a skin care routine that will benefit me in the area of anti-aging. I am IN LOVE with this product. It is absorbent and hydrating. I love that my skin soaks it right up so there is no residue. It combats any redness I may have on a given day. It’s also light enough to layer under my preferred moisturizer. It’s a must have in my skin care regimen now. I like that this product is formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients including Green Oregano Oil and Cold-Pressed, Hemp-Derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. It’s working for me!

Amber Saleem