Living Plant Frames

One large and two small sized plant frames  Mike Peters Photography

One large and two small sized plant frames

Mike Peters Photography

As much as I’d love to fill my home with plants, I have two cats whose main hobby is taste testing anything that grows in soil.  The solution is plant frames, living plants serving as decorative wall art, placed out of reach of those crazy cats. 

Plants as wall art have been a concept in Canada for almost a decade, although the idea originally comes from Europe, as most great ideas usually do. When I was renovating my bathroom a year ago, I requested living plant frames. After some research, the designer found beautiful wood frames built in British Columbia, carried here at Oak & Lilly.  

What sets these frames apart from others is the watering system, which takes the hassle out of having to care for them. The greenery is rooted in soil in a pouch that is suspended above a plastic reservoir. A cotton wick attached to the pouch dangles into the reservoir, drawing up only as much water as needed. The reservoir, located on the back of the frame, requires refilling every other week and that’s when I usually mist the plants with a spray bottle as well.

Mike Peters Photography

Mike Peters Photography

Again, because of those cats, I opted to have the frames placed in the bathroom where I could control the situation by closing the door and keeping them away.  Plus, the living wall makes for a nice addition above the bathtub.  

Last I checked, Oak & Lily carried small, medium, and large frames which ranged in price from $90 to $295 dollars, but those prices may have changed, that’s simply a ballpark figure. 

I’ve had my plant frames for over a year and the only real damage has come from me forgetting to close the bathroom door, and finding a ragged leaf lying in the tub.




Amber Saleem